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I have had the ability to live around the world and find illustration work wherever I have traveled.  Like doctors without borders, I have traveled as an artist/volunteer to create art with local children for fundraising and to help children to find their own artistic voices for their own book projects.  Every one of their stories is worth listening to and worth illustrating.  One needs to listen.


Travel Journal

With a small blank book and pen and watercolor paints, I teach drawing and painting in a concise and simple way. We learn composition, value study, perspective, life drawing, and how to abbreviate and think quickly from eye to hand to page.  We collage ticket stubs, theater programs, letters and drawings into our books to create a β€œfat” book of memories.  We work on location, plein air.  One learns to keep their book with them at all times and that the fleeting moment is not such a big effort to capture.   These are ongoing workshops with exercises focusing on drawing and painting skills.


Book making

With pressed book board and collage, linen waxed thread and glue, we tell a story with personal visuals and thematic drawing/glass/beads/maps/photos. They are then stitched together with the Coptic stitch.  These are one and two day workshop.


Collage and Watercolor

Starting from small watercolor paper to big paper, we paint abstract texture and color and cut out our subjects of: animals birds, stones, leaves, trees, houses, faces, and tell a one painting story.  Two to five day workshop.