I play off tensions of materials in collage. What is buried inside wildness? Just like taking a walk down a new trail, I look for paper “cairns” of where to step next,  and this will push me towards a surprise. There is a tension created with the organic flow of watercolor on paper and the cutting out of hard-edged shapes.  I love the layering of different textures and marks made with collage. 


Encaustic wax paintings tell the layered story of a subject in the foreground and distant opaque objects, people, animals and places left behind.


Commissioned Handmade Books

Commissioned handmade books are copied stories/photos/drawings give a family a sculpted book of memories.

The Book Birds:

These three dimensional birds are made from Harvard classic books that open up like a bird’s wings with glistening beaded eyes and long tails made from the one illustrated plate inside.


Travel Journal

I create travel journals while on the road.  These are quick impressions that are completed on location.  The pages start with a line, and from gathered lines grow shape and color and a life.  They are diaries, compulsively written with unedited emotion and words. These books remember every light and shadow and sound,  and they require listening and watching.  They document life.